St. Ann’s Columbarium

What is a columbarium?
A columbarium is a place or structure for the respectful repose of urns holding the cremated remains of a deceased person. The term comes from Latin “columba” (dove) and originally referred to compartmentalized housing for doves or pigeons called a dovecote.

Where is St. Ann’s columbarium?
It is on the northeast side of the Stone Chapel, and accessed through an arch in the rear wall to the right of the church entrances.

A niche can hold two urns, each of which can hold the cremated remains of one person.

A niche may be purchased by members of St. Ann’s. If you are interested in purchasing a niche, please email Andi Robinson.

The reflection garden is part of the columbarium site and extends from behind the Stone Chapel towards the rocky shore that overlooks the ocean to the northeast. Stone benches are available to sit, contemplate, and enjoy the quiet beauty of the setting.

The design of St. Ann’s columbarium
When designing the columbarium we took great care to ensure that its construction would be consistent with the historic architecture of the church. We were fortunate to have the artisan Christophe Colinet construct the complex stonework. He created a masterful structure that blends naturally with the Stone Chapel and the large trees on the site.