Centering Prayer

St. Ann’s hosts a weekly 90-minute gathering for prayer and study at the rectory (the house next to the church).

Centering Prayer is a method of silent prayer, and a modern Christian form of what in the East is known as meditation. Like different forms of meditation, the goal of centering prayer is to let go of our external (ego) self so we can be more present to God at the core of our being.

Centering Prayer’s roots are in early Christian mystical traditions, and follows its own innovative and unique approach. Traditional meditation practice prescribes the use of a mantra, a word or a phrase repeated continuously throughout the period of meditation as a focal point for attention. In Centering Prayer a “sacred word” is chosen and used not continuously but only discretely, when one is aware of being attracted by a passing thought, emotion, or sensation.

At each weekly 90-minute session there is a 20-minute centering prayer/meditation period followed by a short teaching and discussion.

No previous experience or materials are necessary, and a commitment to attend all gatherings is not required.

If you are new to Centering Prayer or meditation, please don’t be intimidated by the prospect of silence for 20 minutes. People who are new to meditation (or tried and been frustrated) express joyful surprise as they begin to embrace the spiritual practice with the support of a community.

The 2024 Centering Prayer Schedule

Tuesday mornings
9:30 AM – 11:00 AM
June 18 – September 17

Facilitated by Suzanne Robinson, Eric Vaughan and The Rev. Luis Leon.
If you would like to attend a Centering Prayer session, please email the parish administrator.